Poplin Fabric

Poplin is a lovely versatile fabric which we sell hundreds of meters of every week. Our standard Poplin is made from 65% polyester and 35% cotton and available in a fantastic choice of colours! Here at Fabric-world, our poplin is brilliant value for money as it starts from as little as £2.99 per meter! Our Poplin is 45″ wide and is a lovely lightweight fabric which can be used in all aspects of dressmaking to make shirts, tops, skirts and summer dresses and some beautiful colours! It can also be used as a lining too, as it is a cotton mix it is light and breathable and is very easy to work with!

You can also use Poplin for Quilting and Craft work as it is lovely and smooth and looks really effective when all the colours have been built up together! You can even go all out with your colours and textures by using contrasting threads and fabrics to build up your quilting project! We also sell a choice of different wadding in a variation of weights such as our Cotton Batting, which has been used for years and years as it is lovely soft and will provide a quality finish to your quilt. We also have a  Polyester Wadding which is great value for money and will provide a great padding…

If you are looking for a patterned Poplin, we have some beautiful Floral Poplin Prints to choose from. They are all made from top manufacturer ‘Rose & Hubble’ and are made from the most stunning colours and designs! Again, you can use these prints for dressmaking, which look really nice when made into casual dresses. Crafts, Accessories  and even used around your interior such as lightweight curtains, tablecloths etc.

If you do have any questions regarding any of our products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling us on 0151 336 3939 or email on sales@calicolaine.co.uk and we shall get back to you asap! We regularly hold competitions and have offers on so join us on Facebook and Twitter!

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Haberdashery – Zips

Within this blog we aim to highlight the different types of Zips available from Calico Laine and also there different intended uses.

At Fabric-World we stock vast range of colours and sizes in different types of zips. Listed below are the zips with a description for their uses:

Bulk Buy Trebla Zips: These zips are dress weight closed end zip. These are ideal to be used in dresses; cushion covers or when a light weight closed end zip is required. Available in sizes from 10’’ up to 22’’ and in over 50 different colours, these zips represent excellent choice and value for money.

YKK Basque Zips: Open ended light weight concealed zips. These Zips get used mainly in dresses, corsets and clothes that require a light weight open end zip. These are available in sizes 10’’ up to 16’’. Available only in Black, Ivory and White.

YKK Brass Zips:  An open end ended jacket weight zip. These zips are designed to be used in jackets, cardigans or coats.  A truly versatile zip that we have sold for many years with excellent results. Available in 22’’-30’’ in size and in 5 colours.

YKK Concealed Zips: This range of zips are designed to be used in bridal dresses, evening dresses or wherever an invisible zip is required. The excellent thing about concealed (invisible zips) is that once in the garment, the only part f the zip you can see is the pull. This finishing touch really helps keep the clean lines looking smart on bridal dresses or evening dresses.  These zips only come in certain sizes, but worry not. If you are requiring an exact length concealed zips can be cut down to fit your requirements.

YKK Dress Zips: These dress zips have the same uses as the Trebla Bulk Buy zips but are available to buy individually. The YKK Dress Zips also start at 4’’ as well offering more choice of sizes. Both products work exceptionally well; it’s a matter of personal choice and quantity requirements.

YKK Heavy Duty Metal Zips: Our range of heavy duty zips are YKK size number 8 and ideal to be used in motorcycle leathers, leather jackets or whenever a robust extra strong zip is needed. Available in sizes 14’’- 30’’. Available in black only.

YKK Jeans Zips:  Heavy, short zips designed to be used in jeans or with denim. Available in 4’’ up to 8’’, in selected colours. The choice of colours available varies according to colour.

YKK Metal Open End Zips: This selection of zips are a mid weight zip designed for use in jackets, coats or even cardigans. These are  YKK number 5 in width. Available in sizes 10’’ up to 36’’ and in 8 colours these zips offer a great choice. Recently theses zips have been seen on dresses, bags and also shoes as an extra fashion addition.

YKK Nickel Trouser Zips: These zips are used in trousers or smart formal pants. Available in 7’’ through to 10’’ and in 9 colours.  These zips are closed end.

YKK Nylon Open End Zips These zips are open ended and ideal for use in jackets and coats. The YKK Nylon Open End Zips offer an excellent choice in both colour and sizes. The sizes start at 4’’ and go through to 36’’ (30’’-36’’ selected colours only). These zips represent great value for money starting from as little as £1.59.

YKK Plastic Open End Zips:  A very similar zip to the Nylon Open End but a slightly heavier duty zip. The intended uses are the same and often it’s a matter of personal choice between the Plastic Open End and the Nylon Open end.  Available in 10’’ up to 36’’ and in over 15 colours.

YKK Reversible Zips: Reversible zips are open ended zips that can be used when both sides of the zip need to be used. An example of this would be in jacket that is reversible. The zip pull needs to be used on both sides and this is just what this zip does. Only available in selected sizes and colours. Black and Navy only and 22’’ -30’’ sizes only.

YKK Two Way Zips: These zips are open ended and can be opened from both ends. As with the reversible zips the Two Way Zips are only available in selected sizes and colours. Black and Navy only and 22’’ -30’’ sizes only.

YKK Tent Zips: These zips are extra long. The available sizes are 72’’, 96’’ and 120’’. These are an opened zip and can be used in tents or sleeping bags. In 72’’ the tent zips are available in Beige and Black. Above 72’’ they are only available in Beige. These are YKK size number 5.

I hope this blog has helped with your choice of zip. There really is so much available it can sometimes be a little confusing. If you do require help or advice please call us on 0151 336 3939 and one of the Calico Laine team will be happy to help.

As always any comments or suggestions on this blog are welcome,

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Haberdashery Items

Here at Calico Laine, it isn’t just an endless supply of Dressmaking Fabrics!! We also have an extemsive range of Haberdashery available to ensure that all of your projects can be catered for. Many of the Haberdashery items we stock are Sewing Kit essentials, however we do also stock a fantastic range of other Haberdashery products to suit any needs!!

Today i’m going to have a look at some of the more individual items of Haberdashery that we have available here at Calico Laine, and how they can be incorporated into your projects and Dressmaking.

  • Bag Handles are one of the more recent additions to our range of Haberdashery, and we currently have 12 different designs to choose from, ranging from Plastic Bag Handles to Bamboo Bag Handles. They are perfect for rejuvenating an old favourite, or even for incorporation into a fresh design!
  • Feathers vary in uses from hat decorations to table decorations, but whatever their purpose for you…you can be sure to find what you need here at Calico Laine!!! All the Feathers that we have available are in the Haberdashery section of the website, and are all natural Feathers. There are over 15 types to choose from ranging from the larger Ostrich Feathers to the smaller Marabou Feathers.
  • Toy Components are the perfect way to bring your projects to life!! Our Toy Components range can be seen in full in the Haberdashery section on our website, and it includes safety eyes, wobbly eyes and squeakers to name a few!!

As you can see, these are just a few of the more individual types of Haberdashery items that we stock, and the full range of Haberdashery can be seen at www.calicolaine.co.uk If you have any queries about our Haberdashery products, you can contact us on 0151 336 3939 and a member of our sales team will be more than happy to help!

I hope you have enjoyed todays blog, and if you have any thoughts or comments, please do leave them in the box below! And…why not follow us on Facebook and Twitter, to share your own creations and to keep up to date with all the latest news!

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Haberdashery – Zips

Here at Calico Laine we have a large range of Haberdashery items these include Zips that can be used with your Dressmaking Fabrics, or even as replacement Zips for your garments!

Whatever your Zip is required for, you can be sure to find the perfect Zip here at Fabric World! All of our Zips come in a wide variety of lengths and an extensive range of colours. If you need any guidance on choosing the right Zip, or for colour matching to a particular Dressmaking Fabric, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team who will be more than haooy to help!

Our range of Zips includes Open End Zips, Closed End Zips, and we also stock Continuous Zipping should you require to cut your Zips to length.

Here are just some of the Zips we have available:

  • YKK Concealed Zips – These Zips are perfect should you require a Zip where only the pull is visible. They are a popular choice of Zip in formal garments such as bridalwear.
  • YKK Heavy Duty Metal Zips – This is the heaviest duty Zip available and is ideal for heavier weight garments such as leather jackets. These are only available in black.
  • YKK Plastic Open End Zips – These are a very strong Zip that is suitable for many garments such as jackets and coats.
  • YKK Two Way Zips – These are plastic Zips that have the same strength as the Plastic Open End Zips, yet can open in both directions.

As you can see, these are just a few examples of Zips that we have available, and to see the full range of Zips don’t forget to check out the website!

I hope you have enjoyed todays blog and that it has shown you what Zips can be bought here at Fabric-World. If you have any thoughts or comments please feel free to leave them in the box below.

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Corduroy Dressmaking Fabrics

Corduroy Fabrics have been popular in dressmaking for many years and with good reason. It is a versatile fabric that wears and washes extremely well. It is always fashionable and can be made into a number of things from trousers through to blazers.

Today I am going to cover the different range of Corduroy Fabrics that we stock here at Calico Laine:

8 Whale Corduroy Fabric: this is a German made 145cm wide heavy weight cloth. It is perfect for winter trousers and blazers. It comes in a number of stunning colours as well.

16 Whale Corduroy Fabric: A new fabric to us at Calico Laine, we are really happy with how this makes up and washes. It really is excellent quality and well worth investing in. Out of all of our corduroy this is my personal favourite.

20 Whale Corduroy Fabric: As with the 16 whale cord, this is also a pin cord and is suitable for jackets, blazes, dresses and much more! This cloth is made from 97% polyester and 3% elastic, making it very comfortable to wear.

I hope you have found my entry informative and of interest. Have you ever used corduroy fabrics that you have purchased from us? If so please share your wonderful creations with us on our Facebook and Twitter pages, we love to hear from customer and see what becomes of our fabrics!

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Winter Dressmaking Fabrics at Calico Laine

It’s a cold and miserably day outside on the Wirral today and it’s probably best to stay inside where it is warm and cosy. In my entry today I am going to talk through some of my favourite winter Dressmaking Fabrics and why I have found them so useful when the weather is as cold as it is!

Melton’s: This particular fabric has been around for many years and always popular for winter coats, heavy weight dresses and much more. The latest delivery of Melton at Calico Laine has come in from a new supplier and the quality of this cloth is truly amazing. We are very pleased with this fabric and it seems our customers are as well as – it has been flying out!

Double Knit Jersey: As with the Melton, this heavy jersey is and always will be one of my favourite fabrics for winter dressmaking. This year it has come in number of new and exciting colours and these are right on trend for this season.

Winter Fabrics: Within this section on our website we have a variety of different winter dress fabrics. These includes my favourite fabric this year. That is the black heavy weight winter melton. It is made from 60% wool/30% polyester and 10% viscose and is truly stunning. It makes up so well and is so easy to work with. If there is one fabric worth trying this winter (or any winter for that matter) then this really is it!

I hope you have enjoyed my short entry today and as always we encourage you to share your beautiful creations with us on our Facebook and Twitter pages – we love to see how creative our customers and social media fans can be.

Thanks for reading and have a great new year,

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Jersey Dressmaking Fabrics

Jersey fabrics are always one of our most popular fabrics for dressmaking whatever the season. These Fabrics are so versatile making them perfect for almost any dressmaking project including t-shirts and dresses. Popular due to its element of stretch and beautiful drape, this range of comfortable fabrics provide excellent insulation possibly explaining why jersey fabrics were once strictly associated with undergarments. In 1916 Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel had a vision and became the first designer to use jersey fabrics for outerwear. Chosen primarily for its low cost, it is thanks to Coco that jersey fabric is now one of the most popular and sought after fabrics in dressmaking.

Jersey Fabric can stretch up to 25% along the grain making this a perfect choice for comfortable and practical clothing. Owing to its popularity amongst our clientele, we have amassed one of the widest collections of jersey fabrics on the market today.

Bamboo Jersey - the newest addition to our range of jersey fabrics, bamboo jersey is a beautifully soft fabric with a slightly heavier feel than many other jersey fabrics. With 7% spandex, bamboo jersey retains the element of stretch which makes jersey such a popular fabric for dressmaking. Although it is a relatively new addition to our collection, bamboo jersey is already one of our most popular fabrics.

Cotton Jersey - composed of 100% cotton, this fabric is a popular choice for creating soft, comfortable, stretchy clothing such as lighter weight t-shirts. Cotton jersey has a flat smooth surface and a textured back and is a soft, comfortable fabric which stretches easily.

Single Knit Jersey - one of our most popular jersey fabrics, single knit jersey has a high wool composition making it ideal for warmer clothing such as dresses, skirts and tops.

Double Knit Jersey - this warm, winter weight fabric is a heavier weight than cotton jersey fabric and is ideal for your winter garments such as jumpers and winter weight dresses.  Double knit jersey is distinguishable from single jersey in that both sides are the same, meaning that there is no right and wrong side. Perfect for creating warm and comfortable dresses which will not restrict your movement.

Lycra Jersey - with its 4-way stretch, this fabric is very easy to work with and is popular for comfortable dresses and tops.  The gauge of the knit is fine making it cool enough to wear during the summer months but is fine enough to layer in winter without becoming too bulky.

Viscose Jersey - with an excellent drape this beautiful quality fabric breathes like cotton making it ideal for warm weather clothing.  Viscose jersey is a smooth and cool fabric with a good stretch and soft feel making this the ideal fabric for a wide range of projects.  Viscose jersey fabric has a 4-way stretch making this fabric the ideal choice for skirts, vest tops and dresses.

We hope you have enjoyed todays entry and feel informed about the choice of jersey fabrics we have available. If you have any further queries, please do feel free to call our sales team for their expert advice or visit our main website www.calicolaine.co.uk ,

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Buy Net Curtains

In todays blog we are going to be discussing buying Net Curtains, all of the nets at Calico Laine are of the highest quality. We now stock a huge range online in a variety of different designs as well as a variety of colours.

Net Curtains are a great way to dress your window, they are as effective as using ready made curtains and blinds but at a fraction of the cost. They offer a great amount of privacy as well as add that finishing touch to any room.

All of our nets come in a variety of drops and can be ordered either by the metre or by the roll.

If you have any queries about our Nets please contact one of our sales team on 0151 336 3939 or simply visit us at www.calicolaine.co.uk we will be happy to help.

Popular Haberdashery

If your reading my blog entry today then there is a good chance your are a regular dressmaker like me! In my entry today I am going to over what I think I cannot live without when it comes to dressmaking and sewing!

These must have items include:

Threads: This may sound so obvious but it so true! I always have a good selection of different coloured threads in my sewing box. My son is forever losing his buttons off his shirts and looking for mum to work her magic :-)

Dressmaking Scissors: I have marked these as ‘dressmaking scissors” – you will know what I mean if you have ever caught your other half using your best fabric scissors in the garden or opening something! Joking aside, a good pair of well looked after Fiskars scissors will last you many years and in my opinion are a must have item.

Zips: As with threads, it is always advisable to have a couple of spare zips in your sewing room/box. I tend to play it safe when it comes to keeping spare zips and just keep a handful of black and navy dress zips and nylon open end zips. These are types of zips that I find myself constantly replacing.

Elastics: If you have kids like me then it’s always a good idea to keep a good stash of spare elastics. With the weather making it’s usual cold appearance recently I have found myself attaching elastics to my 3 year old gloves to stop him loosing them!

I hope you have enjoyed my entry today and if you have any thoughts or questions then please do get in touch. You can interact with us on our Facebook and Twitter pages and also on our main website www.calicolaine.co.uk -

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Calico Laine

Dressmaking with Economy Satin Fabric

Choosing a dressmaking fabric when on a budget can be difficult choice as many high quality fabrics are often just as high in price. We stock a variety of Fabrics which are lower in price but still excellent quality, including our range of Economy Satins. These fabrics are the ideal choice for a wide range of dressmaking projects and are particularly popular for evening wear. Economy Satin Fabrics are the ideal choice for a dressmaker on a budget as they are the same high quality as more high end fabrics at a price that will not break the bank.

Our Economy Satin Fabrics are all 100% polyester with a soft, luxurious feel. In a generous width of 150cm, these fabrics are an excellent width for dressmaking. Our Economy Satin Fabrics are available in a wide range of colour options include subtle pinks and nudes and brighter hues of cerise and flo orange for the more daring designers.


Cerise Economy Satin is perfect for more eye catching designs of evening gowns.

Economy Satin is an excellent fabric for all of your dressmaking projects and due to its lustrous appearance is most often chosen as a fabric for elegant, low cost evening gowns. Due to its beautiful sheen and excellent drape, economy satin is an excellent choice for prom dresses and smart blouses. Economy Satin is a popular choice of fabric for bridesmaid gowns and is often chosen by brides on a budget as an alternative to more high end fabrics such as silk.


Pink Economy Satin Back Crepe is a popular choice for bridesmaid gowns.

Our full range of Economy Satin Fabrics can be viewed on our website www.calicolaine.co.uk.  If you have any problems or queries, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly sales team on 0151 3363939 and they’ll be happy to help.

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